Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Pics!

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I am finally getting a post up. I have been so insanely busy. I am going to try real hard to post my pics right after a session. I always get so behind and have to upload so many pics just to get caught up. These sessions have been done in the last couple of months. I still have my nephews 12 month shoot to post. Probably will get that done next week. Hope you enjoy these pics I got done so far. I just got back from Sedona yesterday where I attended a photography seminar. Don MacGregor put it on and I really had a great time. Learned so much and just love photography and love learning more and more about it. I am excited for the experience with hopes of becoming a better photographer.
Reynolds Family
I can't tell you how much I love these pictures. This shoot went so good and I got some amazing pics of this adorable family. I loved the colors, I love Macie, I love how cute they all look together, I love how they worked the camera, and I loved how easy they were to shoot. Everything was FANTASTIC!! Probably one of my favorite shoots. I couldn't just pick a few and there were so many others I wanted to post. But here are my most favorite ones.

Shannon and Shawn Getting Married

Rian 2 Years Old
OH MY GOSH! I just love, love, love these pics. This is my best friends Katie little girl Rian and we had such a fun time dressing her up and taking so many good pics of her. I of course couldn't pick just one or two so I picked a ton. She threw a huge fit at the end and did not want to take anymore pics, just love her face in them though.

Hatch Family
This is my brother Logan and his family. You may recognize them, I take all their pics. What a freakin cute family.

My friend Kirsty and her Fam

Clegg Twins
This family has had two sets of twin. CRAZY! I would love to have twins and I am a little jealous. What a cute bunch of twins!

Baby Lily


The McNeil Family said...

YOu do a great job like always.. I need to see if you can do brody's 12mo pics. Crazy that he is 12months already. I know you are probably really busy, but let me know