Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much needed post!

I have been meaning to update this blog for a very long time now. I just can't seem to keep caught up. I have done so many shoots in the past 6 months and have wanted to share them all. I did so many that I was only able to upload one or two pics of each shoot. I will be updating my website in the next couple of weeks so if you want to see more pics of these shoots, check out my website. My goal is to post right after a shoot. We'll see how that works out. Here are just some of what I have been up to these past several months.
Ava & Addison Turn One
These two cuties are my friends little girls. They turned one and we had so much fun on this shoot. Mom and Dad brought a cake and they just had a blast making a mess everywhere!

Anika Newborn Shoot

Cameron Senior Pics-MAC

Drew & Danielle Expecting Their First
My good friend Danielle and her husband expecting their first and it's a girl that they have named Camryn. She just had her on Sunday so look forward to her newborn pics.

Elyza Getting Baptized-Bella Via

Kim & Kory Wedding-Windemere Hotel

Ella 4 Months

Heather & Brian Wedding
I got a little tired of uploading pics so you only get one of this really cute couple. More on the website soon...

Kees (Kase) Newborn Shoot
This little guy is a special one. His Mom and Dad have been waiting for him for 7 years. My good friend Kristy adopted this little guy a few months ago and what a blessing he is to them.

Maddie 7 Months

Florence Family-MAC

Abbie 4 Months

Maxton Newborn Shoot


Lila 4 Months

Maressa & Nate Wedding-Las Sendas and Mesa Temple

Kellen Turns One

Jen Expecting A Boy!
After 4 girls my good friend Jen finally gets her boy. Her little boy was Maxton. (Pics of him above)

Molly & Alyx Wedding-Stone Bridge Manor and Mesa Temple

Shannon and Shawn Wedding

Kaysen 9 Months-Pecan Groves