Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hatch Family and Miles

I attempted to take pictures of my family. I think they turned out alright. Thanks to my husband Travis and my Mom for taking the pictures I was in. Here they are enjoy!
My Mom and Dad the two who started it all.

The whole fam. Starting from the left, My brother-in-law Scott who married my sister Keshia, My sister-in-law Melissa who married my brother Logan and their baby Miles, My sister Mariah, My Dad who is holding Steven, My Mom who is holding my boy Bryson, My brother Tyler and his wife Jenny(parents of Steven), Me and my husband Travis who is holding our oldest Brennen and my sister Jezerea.

This is us being us!

Our cute little boys. They are going to have so much fun growing up together.

Me and my brothers and sisters

Me and my sisters, how cute are we.

My cool brothers.

My nephew Miles
6 month photo shoot.

He loved sticking that tongue out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally an upadate!!!

Yes finally I took some time and put all my work I have done these past couple of months. I have been busy and been having so much fun. Thank you to all those who allowed me to photograph them. I think they turned out great and I love that I am getting all this experience. Thank you also to all those who referred me to your friends and family, I really appreciate it. There is a lot of work here, I couldn't chose so I put a lot of pics on this post. So sorry it may take awhile to get through. Also, website update. I had to put it on hold for the past several months because of time. But I am hoping to find that time this month and get it on the web soon. I will keep you all updated and let you know when I finally get that done. It looks so good so far and I am so excited for everyone to see it.

My cousin Ashley and her family photo shoot.

Look at those eyes, I love it!!

My nephew Steven 12 months photo shoot.

My friend Alisha and her whole family.

My brother's family shoot.

Brady Family shoot.

Keeling Family shoot.
Are you kidding me. So freaking cute!

Allen kids photo shoot!
And those eyes again, I love good lighting!

I just love Arizona, we have the most beautiful sunsets. I love that I got this pic.

My nephew Thomas 2 month photo shoot.

I love this pic, I think it is one of my favorite I have ever taken. Nothing is better then a Mom and her sweet baby.

What a handsome boy!

My sister-in-law Tara and her family photo shoot.


I love pictures that capture a family being themselves. I just absolutly love this pic!

Layton 3 month shoot.

Allen Family shoot.
And again are you kidding me so FREAKIN cute! I didn't even tell him to do this he just did himself and he thought he was pretty slick.

This is Travis' Grandpa Bowman. After being widowed twice he found love again with Dorothy. How wonderful!

Randall Family shoot.

I can't get over how adorable these two little girls were this day. I got some great pics of the two of them.

My good friends Drew and Danielle sealing photo shoot.

This picture is why I love them!

I still want to know what you said to her Drew.

My nephew Miles 3 month shoot.

And last but surley not least my two pericous boys photo shoot. Bryson turned one last month so I took a bunch of pics of him and then had to add Brennen just for fun.