Monday, May 9, 2011

Senior Pics

It's that time of year. Senior pictures time!

Shelby Senior Pics-Red Mountain Ranch

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My sweet sister

This is my sister Keshia. She is having a little boy but because of complications she will be losing her little one. I can't explain the heart ache and pain we have all felt with this ordeal but I can't even imagine what she is going through. With just having a baby myself, I am lost for words to explain how I feel for Keshia and her unborn baby boy. Keshia has decided that she still wants to have all the joys of being pregnant and being a new Mom. She is so brave and strong and that's what I most love about her. These are her precious maternity pictures with little baby Jackson Scott.

So In Love

I just love a good engagement shoot. Reminds me of when I was getting married. I love the new feelings and how exciting everything is. Unfortunately they don't last long and it becomes something you have to work at instead of it just happening naturally. But for now these two are madly in love and celebrating it. Can't wait for the wedding at the end of May!


My dear friend had twins a week before I had mine. Of course I had to get pictures of them even though I had just had a baby. They were almost two weeks old already which made the shoot very difficult. I was at her house 3 days in a row, each post took almost an hour. One baby would be sleeping the other would be crying and vice versa. But after all our hard work we got some great shots. I am very excited to introduce Harlow and Graycen!

This is Graycen

And this is Miss Harlow

Big Sis Rian